MOBILE BROADBAND SPEEDS Throughout the Home or Business

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  • instant 4g lte
  • alternative to NBN network
  • Simple and Easy setup
  • Back up for your fixed line

4G Connectivity Made Simple

Introducing the LTE modem by NETGEAR, a cost-effective device that brings 4G LTE speeds to you when wired Internet is not available, or is not suitable for your business or home.

No contracts required. Easy setup, just get a pre-paid SIM. Add to your existing router or WiFi network to get coverage throughout your office or home.

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Construction Sites

When wired Internet is not available at your temporary site office, simply connect the LTE modem to a router, and bring 4G LTE speeds to the entire site crew and around the site premises.

Mobile Business
& Kiosk

Whether you operate a popular mobile food truck or a standalone sales kiosk, you must have reliable Internet access to keep business running. Setup your own Internet connection in minutes with the LTE modem - connect it directly to your payment processing terminal to start accepting payments for your goods and services.

Backup or Alternative to Fixed Line

Whether you want to maximise your data plan, live in a rural area with limited internet options, or simply need a reliable alternative to fixed line. This 4G LTE Modem will have you covered.

Connectivity Matters

The LTE modem by NETGEAR connects to your wireless router, switch or gateway to deliver mobile broadband to all your devices.

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  • Connects directly to a computer or wireless router to give you high-speed 4G LTE internet access
  • Secure and high-fast 4G LTE connectivity with 3G/2G fallback
  • Add to existing network infrastructure as a broadband failover solution
  • Up to 150 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload speeds
  • Two connectors available to connect optional 4G/3G antennas for enhanced signal reception